The ThunderB is a small sized tactical UAV (32Kg, 4m wing-span), with an unprecedented endurance of 24 hours mission time, and an extended control range of up to 150 km based on its advanced digital communication technology.

    With innovative, effective capabilities previously found only in much larger UAVs, it can be deployed on longer, further flights, meaning less turnarounds, continuous observation on the target, and a spectacular decrease in maintenance costs - by a factor of up to 10x!

    With its high reliability thanks to an advanced fuel-injected engine, multiple system redundancies and advanced field proven avionics, the ThunderB can fly even in extreme weather conditions withstanding winds of up to 45knots and rain of up to 10mm/h.

    Payloads range from T-STAMP dual or triple sensors (CCD / cooled IR / laser), to proprietary high-resolution radiometric mapping and optional high resolution gimbaled and stabilized scanning photogrammetric payloads.

    It can also carry small cargo capsules under each wing and release the cargo to reach targets with high accuracy following a ballistic trajectory. This ability can be used in various scenarios like providing lifesaving measures, search and rescue (S&R) missions, dropping of essential materials, scattering small ground intelligence sensors to achieve wide ground coverage, etc.

    Its low acoustic, thermal & visual signatures make it undetectable at ~500m, and it combines high performance payloads with extremely low latency Full HD video transmission.

    The ThunderB can be deployed rapidly from the field with no runway or infrastructure, with launch and recovery in any terrain. It can be configured to be deployed and operated easily from a command vehicle and has a minimal logistic and operational footprint – its small size means it requires only two people, with only one operator required while it is airborne.

    It supports operational missions and applications of all kinds, including rapid “over-the-hill”, covert ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) in an open area as well as urban warfare scenarios, first responder scenarios, border protection, force/convoy protection, security operations, law enforcement, search and rescue, disaster control and management operations, commercial applications, mapping on demand -photogrammetric solutions, etc.