Tactical UAV systems have gained critical importance in times of conflict and disaster management, where real-time intelligence gathering capabilities often define and influence the outcome.

For defence and military applications that call for durable, reliable, and secured UAV systems, there is little room for failure, even under the toughest conditions.

CSS UAV systems are strategically developed, keeping in mind the requirements for ISTAR missions that are usually undertaken in unfamiliar environments and under hostile conditions.

These sensitive conditions and missions demand operational flexibility from compact, lightweight, and flexible unmanned aircraft, and place rigorous demands on the image sensors and optics capabilities including advanced EO/IR payloads. Robust aerial systems can boost situational awareness to react immediately and accurately by providing persistent and covert coverage of the area of interest.

A proprietary, unified, intuitive Ground Control Station helps operate all CSS UAVs, enabling multiple flight modes and safety logics even in COMM/GPS denied environment, transmitting valuable, real-time information to ground forces in full HD quality.

Our advanced UAV systems support military applications of all kinds, including artillery target acquisition, battle damage assessment, counter-terrorism, persistent surveillance, tactical intelligence, aerial reconnaissance, border and infrastructure security, battlefield management and more.