In crowded cities with congested streets and tall buildings, monitoring from the ground can be a tough task for law enforcement agencies. Remote, inaccessible locations in the rural areas also throw a different set of challenges with the same result making efficient monitoring from ground level a near-impossibility.

Densely populated or crime-prone areas can benefit from having persistent visible surveillance. The mere presence of a UAV over such areas may act as a deterrent and enhance situation management and decision-making capabilities of law enforcement agencies.

UAV patrols offer multiple advantages to law enforcement bodies including round-the-clock visibility, a bird’s eye view to observe targets from the air, and long-term tracking of targets and situations.

Continued surveillance of targets, without being seen or heard, over long periods before, during, and after ground force intervention allows coordination and warning of the impending threats, minimizing risks that law enforcement personnel are subjected to.

CSS advanced UAV systems support multiple law enforcement applications, monitoring activities and are also helpful in reconstructing an accident leveraging the 3D modeling and other existing technology solutions.