SpyLite is a mature, advanced, combat-proven, extended performance electric Mini-UAS, optimized to provide covert, “over-the-hill” or extended range real-time visual intelligence.

    With a proven field record of over 35,000 operational sorties, it is one of the most advanced and reliable mini UAV platforms available today.

    With the ability to fly even in extreme weather conditions and an airborne time of 3 to 4 hours, SpyLite can take full advantage of its extended range of communication, that goes up to 80 km.

    Combining high performance payloads with onboard video recording & extremely low latency Full HD video transmission, the SpyLite provides immediate intelligence, supported by a secondary emergency backup control link and multi-layer protection against GPS Jamming (optional).

    Its low acoustic, thermal & visual signatures make it virtually undetectable at ~300m, and its quick, lightweight launcher which can be adapted to back-pack, vehicle-mounted or stationary configurations make SpyLite reliable and effective for multiple applications.

    SpyLite’s ease of operation is augmented by the fact that it is fully autonomous from the point of launch to its accurate parachute and airbag recovery, and requires a small crew of just two, with only one operator required while the UAV is airborne.

    Spylite supports missions and applications of all kinds, including rapid “over-the-hill”, covert ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance) in an open area as well as urban warfare scenarios, first responders & law enforcement, border protection, force / convoy protection, security operations, search & rescue, disaster control, commercial applications, mapping on demand -photogrammetric solutions, etc.