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Cyient Solutions & Systems (CSS) is a joint venture between Cyient and Israel-based BlueBird Aero Systems that provides UAS-based intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities for defence, homeland security, and civilian applications. Our unmanned aerial systems operate through a unified, intuitive, and advanced ground control station and are designed to overcome modern security challenges.

The CSS UAV systems can be deployed seamlessly for military and peacekeeping purposes, for controlling low-intensity conflicts, disaster management, and law enforcement even operating in extreme weather conditions and harsh terrains.


Our UAV Systems Portfolio

SpyLite Mini UAV

An advanced, combat-proven electric mini UAS, SpyLite is optimized to offer covert, extended range, and real-time visual intelligence. Fully autonomous, from launch to recovery, the system delivers enhanced reliability even in severe weather conditions, assuring operational availability for up to four hours and a control range of up to 80 km.


ThunderB Small Tactical UAV

ThunderB is a mature tactical UAV ideal for long-range, long-endurance ISTAR or Tactical Mapping On Demand missions across open areas, as well as urban scenarios. The UAV can be deployed quickly from the field with no runway or infrastructure and is designed to deliver high-quality results for 24 hours and a range of up to 150 km.


MicroB UAV System

The MicroB offers features comparable to a mini UAV while maintaining an extremely competitive price tag. The system is equipped with stabilized payloads and can be easily launched in crowded areas or through a window to capture high-quality videos with GIS information.


  • Globally-Proven Technology, Now Made in India

    CSS is strongly committed to the “Make in India” initiative and has been actively investing in product design and development, manufacturing, system integration and aftermarket capabilities to address critical and sensitive technology requirements of the Indian defence sector.

    The Cyient-BlueBird joint venture ensures domestic manufacturing of a wide range of unmanned aerial systems backed by training, warranty, spares, maintenance and support that is locally available to our customers across India.

Deep Domain Experience

The Cyient-BlueBird partnership expertly combines globally proven UAS technology with indigenized local production, maintenance, and field support to match the aspirations of Indian defence, paramilitary, and homeland security for world-class UAS systems to support ISTAR applications.

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